16 October 2019

Icona debuts in the industrial design at the Fair K in Duesseldorf

President Gaudio: “We give beauty and functionality to industrial machinery”

Turin, October 16th – ICONA GROUP signs the design of two new machines for processing plastic and other materials such as aluminum, paper or flexible packaging, of the IMS TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, which are presented at the K Fair in Duesseldorf, a leading event for the plastics and rubber industry, from 16 to 23 October. With over 3,000 exhibitors from over 50 countries, for eight days the fair is the meeting place of the entire world of plastic and rubber, to demonstrate the efficiency of the sector, discuss current trends and lay the foundations for the future. “Plastics shape the future” is considered a central forum for the exchange of information, thoughts and opinions, both for professional and interested visitors but not for the trade. This year the focus will be on the innovative power of materials and the sector, in terms of resource conservation, digitalisation, functionality, renewable energy, circular economy and sustainability. Furthermore, critical issues such as plastic waste in the oceans, the disposable mentality around plastic packaging and the use of resources defined for production will not be spared.

This project for IMS marks the debut of ICONA in the industrial design, having established itself in the design for mobility with the ICONA Nucleus concept, a luxury electric and self-driving shuttle, and with Space-pod, designed for the food delivery company Meituan and an autonomous freight vehicle for the e-commerce company JD.com. ICONA indeed wants to be at the forefront, wants to inspire and innovate, showing new ways for a more efficient and sustainable industrial design. The strength of its international design team and the experience gained in the automotive sector are the basis for the innovative approach in the design of machinery and industrial equipment.

For IMS TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, ICONA has redesigned two series of machinery. The first redesigned is the ROTOMAC ICEBREAKER 165 SG, a rewinder for the production of rolls for alimentary use of aluminum, plastic, paper and parchment paper. The design is linear, harmonious and breaks with the past. The main objective of the Icona designers was the convergence of all the casings in a reduced number of geometric planes to improve the general appearance. All the curves were oriented on the same axis as the roller, while the colors were brought to a variation of shades of gray. The ROTOMAC brand was made with a LED-reactive material and sensitive to color changes based on the state of the machine. This is the beginning of the renewal of the entire ROTOMAC ICEBREAKER Series.

Icona has also redesigned the RIBOSLIT series for the IMS GOEBEL brand, the perfect synthesis of design, performance and quality. Exhibited for the first time worldwide, this latest innovation will surprise the visitors of the fair with a completely new and modern design. The new machine meets the latest needs of the industry in terms of precision and performance. It is a compact twin-shaft rotary cutter, with central wrapping on frictioned shafts, small in size but equipped with the best technologies. It therefore requires minimum operating space and minimum investment and it is capable of cutting reels of different materials up to 600 m / min.

Teresio Gigi Gaudio, President & CEO of ICONA DESIGN GROUP explains, “Our well-being depends largely on the functionality and beauty of the objects that surround us and that we use on a daily basis. Think of the coffee machine, the car, the office printer, the machines at the factory. We think of them first of all as practical, easy to use and to maintain, efficient and reliable. But we also want them beautiful. Too many times the beauty has been confused with the waste of money. We at ICONA believe that a beautiful industrial machine is better than an ugly industrial machine.”

The ROTOMAC and RIBOSLIT machines designed by ICONA are visible in Hall 3 Stand 73.

Founded in 2010, ICONA has its roots in Turin, where many world-renowned automotive facilities are concentrated, including design studios, manufacturers, universities and research centers. The presence of the industry leaders such as Tecnocad Progetti and Cecomp, shareholders of the company together with the president and CEO Teresio Gigi Gaudio, ensures a solid base for the development of the projects realized for its customers, with a know-how that covers the entire process, from management to styling, from engineering to prototyping and production. The ICONA group has over 120 designers, pattern makers, engineers and project managers from 21 different countries, with offices in Shanghai and Los Angeles in addition to the Turin headquarters. In 2018, Icona revenues exceeded € 23 million.