20 November 2018

Icona Nucleus Winner of the German Design Award 2019

Turin, November 20, 2018 – The Italian design company Icona has recently received a double awarding from Germany. In fact, the international jury of the German Design Council qualified the Nucleus as Winner of the German Design Award 2019 in two categories: Passenger Vehicles and Universal Design “for outstanding design quality”.
The German Design Award is one of the most renowned design competitions worldwide and enjoys an excellent reputation far beyond circles of experts. Those who beat out the high-calibre competitors have successfully proven that they are among the best.
“The innovative vision and design of the Nucleus had already gained the consensus of the public and the media. Now with this double recognition, moreover, from a so prestigious German institution, the Nucleus receives a further appreciation from the critics. The measure of the success of those who do make design lies in the ability to set trends, to inspire others and even to be imitated. Icona will continue to explore the ways of mobility and artificial intelligence and to amaze” Teresio Gigi Gaudio, President & CEO of Icona, said.

Nucleus represents the synthesis of futurism and a human-centered mindset. It takes the Icona Neo Concept one step further by reconsidering the very way that we use a vehicle. Neo introduced us to tomorrow, Nucleus will introduce us to after-tomorrow.

Beyond its technological innovation, Nucleus also shows us the future for the next generation of cars. A generation that aspires to be socially responsible through respect not only for the natural environment but also for the human environment. Mobility in after-tomorrow will be very different from today, with a large number of shared, self-driving, electric vehicles which will serve as individual or small group shuttles between mass mobility infrastructure and large hub destinations.

With its fully autonomous driving level five, the Nucleus jumps two generations ahead. Inside the vehicle, the absence of a driver does not only mean the absence of a steering wheel and a dashboard, but the opportunity for a new understanding of mobile living spaces, where the focus is no longer the road but the destination.
With a completely autonomous driving system, Nucleus has not side windows in the traditional sense, but semi-transparent panels in the same color as the body that allow the occupants to look out, while remaining protected from prying eyes.

Founded in 2010, Icona has its roots in the city of Turin, Italy, where know-how and many globally recognized automotive-related facilities are concentrated, including design studios, manufacturers, universities and research centers. The Icona group can count on a partnership with sector leader Tecnocad Progetti and Cecomp which ensures a solid base for the development projects carried out for its clients, with know-how that covers the entire process, from management to styling, and from engineering to prototyping and production. Tecnocad and Cecomp are also two shareholders of Icona while the third is Teresio Gigi Gaudio, President and CEO. The Icona Group works with more than 130 people including designers, modelers, engineers, and project managers from 21 different countries, with offices in Shanghai and Los Angeles in addition to the Turin headquarters. In 2018 Icona’s revenues will exceed 22 million Euros with a 22% increase over 2017.