Los Angeles


Icona Design Los Angeles is the latest addition to Icona’s worldwide commitment to be an international design influencer. Our studio is located in Orange County amongst major OEM studios such as Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia and more. Our reason for choosing this location is not just to be located near the OEMs, but due to their earlier establishment there are a network of suppliers for milling, prototype build, 3D printing etc. Orange County is defiantly an innovative hub for design. Influence on designers is for certain the car culture that exists here. Every weekend there are car shows and other events to influence Design. When you mix design with all the latest technology such as artificial intelligence, alternative power and autonomous driving the magic needed to produce change happens.

Icona Design Los Angeles was founded in September 2016 to support our clients with engineering, clay modeling, and design. We are a family of designers who team up to give support on any given project from all three of our design studios located in Turin, Shanghai and Los Angeles. Our design team consist of skilled and talented designers from all over the world guaranteeing a diversified approach with the end result of international flavor.