Turin, 22 February 2018 ‒ The Italian design company Icona, established in 2010 in Turin, is
opening new offices in Piazza Maria Teresa. Opening new premises in the very heart of Turin is a
very deliberate decision, a way of underlining the close ties between Icona’s new approach to
business and the cradle of Italy’s main car design and industrial production. Piazza Maria Teresa is
after all one of the most attractive corners of this city set in the Alpine foothills.

In Icona’s style centre, the modern furnishing and classic 19th century architecture blend
perfectly, with an attention to detail typical of our Global Design Director Samuel Chuffart. The
new style centre currently hosts 16 employees who work closely with their 14 colleagues at the
design centre in Los Angeles, opened in 2016, and 89 in the Shanghai offices that have been
operating since 2010.
Icona was founded in 2010 in the Italian city of Turin, a hub of know-how and headquarters for
many internationally renowned players in the automotive industry, including design firms,
manufacturing companies, universities and research centres.
Icona’s founders and shareholders are Turin-based firms Cecomp and Tecnocad along with Teresio
Gigi Gaudio, a successful senior executive who has held leadership positions at Fiamm, Stile
Bertone and Aprilia, and is currently also Executive Deputy Chairman at Coeclerici.
Germano Cini’s firm Tecnocad recently inaugurated its new “Manta22” premises: 22,000 square
metres of glass and technology located at Fiat’s former Style Centre at Mirafiori. In June 2017,
Cecomp inaugurated its new premises at Piobesi that will focus on the production of aluminium
components, the field in which the firm, founded by Giovanni Forneris and currently managed by
brothers Paolo and Gianluca Forneris, excels at a global level.
According to Dr Gaudio: “We realised straight away that establishing a new automotive design
business, even though benefiting from access to a pool of consolidated and illustrious local
expertise, would have had no future if it was based on the same business models that turned
Turin’s car firms into the big names they are today. It was essential to develop an open approach
to the international context, to new customers who have plenty of new projects up their sleeve but
still lack the all-essential automotive know-how required to come up with high-quality products. In
seven years, Icona has increased its client pool from 6 to 16 clients and ended 2017 with a
consolidated turnover of 18 million Euro and profit of 1.4 million Euro: an excellent result for a
young company that only sells design”.
The first show car labelled Icona was designed right here in Turin: the Fuselage, a streamlined 4-
seater sedan with a very sensual and sporting feel. The latest show car, conceived in Piazza Maria
Teresa, is the Lvchi Urano, first showcased in Shanghai on January 8; an electrically powered
concept car designed and created for the Asian clientele of the future.
“Our designers in the three studios in Turin, Shanghai and Los Angeles are from 21 different
countries” explains Global Design Director Samuel Chuffart, “and they handle the entire
development of a whole range of projects, thanks to constant and effective collaboration and
communication, working in synch despite the different time zones. This approach allows us to
handle 22 projects simultaneously, as we are today”.
According to Icona STC srl’s CEO Paolo Forneris, the key to success is working closely with the
client, “which means being fully up to speed regarding the whole process; from management to
style, engineering, prototypes and finally production. Thanks to their experience and enthusiasm,
the members of the Icona team can rely on the professional experience of the founders who
provide solid foundations for project development, showing their clients a different, new and
innovative perspective”.